Who is Neufville Travel



After riding a camel through Giza and exploring the Khan el-Khalili market during a family trip to Cairo, 16-year old Tisha Neufville realized the life-changing effects of travel. Her passion for all things travel related flourished while venturing around the world for 16 years as a global qualitative researcher. Having visited nearly 40 countries, Tisha has extensive, first-hand knowledge of many destinations, and she has become a food enthusiast who has a knack for weaving memorable food experiences into every trip. She thrives on seeing and experiencing the world and has always been the go-to travel resource for her friends and family.

Now Tisha works with clients to create much more than a simple itinerary; she helps her clients understand and experience new cultures, customs, and cuisine. She believes a well-designed and personalized trip stimulates the senses and helps people gain a deep appreciation for a destination. ¬†Whether it’s a relaxing getaway, a deep-dive into a new culture, or a return to a favorite destination, Tisha removes the hassle so clients can travel stress free.


Open QuoteTravel should stimulate the senses and expose you to experiences unlike anything at home. Clients enjoy the travel I plan for them because I use meticulous research and understanding of the destinations at hand to tailor experiences to meet their needs.Close Quote